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第一句是Although Taipei is small, it is convenient.




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    雖然台北挺小的 但是很方便 因為在這裡幾乎每個角落你都可以看到便利商店 所以要是你深夜裡肚子餓了 你也不用擔心沒地方找吃的 整個城市被完善的大眾交通系統串連起來 因此要在這個城市裡移動是很容易的 台北的新去處-信義購物區-有超過六家以上的大型百貨公司座落 彼此鄰近 要是你想來趟大血拼 千萬不要在你的行程上遺漏了這個地點 對大多數的旅客而言 他們總是被台北的高人口密度以及高摩天大樓密度給震攝 但是如果你覺得台北只是另一個都市叢林 那你就真的錯了 茂綠的陽明山就坐落於城市的北邊並且以火山地形聞名 她提供了台北市民一個可以放鬆心情的地方


    Although Taipei is small, it is convenient in the way that there are countless convenient stores virtually at every corner in the city so you don't have to worry if you feel like something to eat in the late night. The whole city is connected by well-organised public transportation, which enables visitors to travel easily within the city. The new feature of the city is ShinYi shopping district where more than six major department stores are located within just a few blocks. Therefore, if you are up for a shopping spree, do not miss out ShinYi area on your itinerary. For most tourists, they are always overwhelmed by the high density of the population as well as the high-rises, but if you think Taipei is just another concrete jungle, you are far from the real picture of this place. The lushy Mt. YangMing is right north to the city and is known for its volcanic activity. It offers the Taipei residents a place to lay back and relax.

    還有很多可以寫 你參考參考

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    Although Taipei is small, it is convenient.Firstly, due to the small area of Taipei, it is easy for us to travel from place to place.  Secondly, the buildings all separated in different areas, for example, if we want to go shopping, we can go to a specific area and we will find a lot of department stores. Apart from this,Taipei has the international airport, which allows us to travel to overseas without needing to catch a domestic flight.

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    Taipei in my memory is an excellent city

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