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請問*(吊?)兒郎當是什麼意思, 不太懂


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    吊兒啷噹procrastinative, slacky, floppy, fool around without an actual negative attitude or manner, it always irritated other people, especially to parents.

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    happy happy meant it sounds like walking with lp dangling around? i don't think it was so symbolic few centuries ago. :PPP keep on, keep on.

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    How about "cocky"? A cocky person is one to display attitudes of self-importance, and often turns his nose up at the needs to take things seriously and to respect authority.

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    you are real a sloven.

         careless and causal person.


    you do something slovenly.

    you take a casual attitude in everything.


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    不亦樂乎, i don't know the answer and that's why i posted the question here :-)

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    D'Andy and Egghead

    Can you find any word in English correspond to this *兒郎當 ? thanks.

    (people of *兒郎當 also often careles, unconcerded, not serious, behave in a different way, without restrraint, not easily to be controlled. , thought thenselves are important, thought they are always correct, rebellious, etc. Also please imagine that the *兒 hang on there swing and sway unconstrainedly, however, we have to treat it tender and give it enough space for it is so vulnerable. )

    2005-10-21 07:31:31 補充:

    "cocky" is good for only "", there is not a sense of "郎當"? 很吊is totally different from 吊兒郎當, right?

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