Gigantopithicus 是什麼意思?



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    中國更新世早﹑中期和印度中上新世的巨大的高等靈長類(化石)。荷蘭人孔尼華在從香港中藥舖購得的大量哺乳動物化石中發現了一枚巨大的高等靈長類下臼齒﹐於 1935年發表的研究報告中訂名為步氏巨猿 (Gigantopithecus blacki )。當時﹐他推測這種化石可能來自華南的洞穴或裂隙堆積。直到1956年初﹐中國學者在廣西進行洞穴調查和發掘時﹐在大新縣一個山洞中發現了巨猿牙齒化石﹐此後﹐陸續在廣西柳城﹑武鳴﹑巴馬和湖北建始縣也發現了巨猿化石。其中以柳城楞寨山硝岩洞(或稱“巨猿洞”)中發現的化石最為豐富﹐計有 3個巨猿下頜骨和 1000 多個巨猿牙齒以及大量的伴生哺乳動物化石。以上 5個巨猿地點的化石所代表的時代為更新世早期到中期﹐距今約20~200萬年。中國以外僅有1967年在印度北部喜馬偕爾邦發現一個巨猿下頜骨﹐訂名為畢拉斯普巨猿 (Gigantopithecus bilaspurensis )﹐其地質時代為中上新世﹐距今500~900萬年。

    Gigantopithecus was a genus of ape that existed from 9 to 5 million years ago in what is today the countries of China and India. The fossil record suggests that the Gigantopithecus species were the largest apes that ever lived. It was a quadruped and an herbivore and probably had a diet that consisted primarily of bamboo. Although it is not known why Gigantopithecus's died out, researchers believe that climate change and resource competition with better adapted species, were the main reasons. Based on the slim fossil evidence, Gigantopithecus was likely near ten feet tall and weighed from 700 to 1200 lbs — 2 to 3 times larger than gorillas, although its closest living relatives are the orangutans. Some cryptozoologists have claimed that a race of very errant gigantopithecines are the legendary creature Bigfoot.

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    一種很巨大的生物 , 大概是"巨大的猿"之意.


    He "estimated that, had the creature been intact, it would have stood at least 13 ft. high.

    He named the creature Gigantopithicus, meaning 'giant ape'." ("And There Were Giants" by Rex Gilroy.


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