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    歌詞 :

    ● Written In Your Heart (Prologue)

    Like a bird that flies in the morning light

    Or a butterfly in the spring

    When your spirit rides on the winds of hope

    You'll find your wings

    For you're always free to begin again

    And you're always free to believe

    When you find the place

    That your heart belongs...

    ● Free


    All my life I've always wanted

    To have one day just for me

    Nothing to do and for once nowhere I need to be

    With no lessons, lords, or lunches

    Or to-do list in the way

    No one to say when to eat or read or leave or stay

    That would be the day


    All my life I've always wanted

    To have one day for myself

    Not waking up with a pile of work on every shelf

    With no hems in need of pressing

    And no sleeves in disarray

    No wedding gown with a thousand stitches to crochet

    And no debt to pay

    What would it be like to be


    What would it be like to be





    Free to try crazy things


    Free from endless IOU's


    Free to fly


    Free to sing


    And marry whom I choose


    You would think that I'm so lucky

    That I have so many things

    I'm realizing that every present comes with strings


    Though I know I have so little

    My determination's strong

    People will gather around the world to hear my song


    Can I come along?


    Now I fear I'll never be


    Soon I will forever be



    I close my eyes and feel myself fly a thousand miles away

    I could take flight but would it be right

    My conscience tells me stay


    I'll remain forever royal


    I'll repay my parent's debt


    Duty means doing the things your heart may well regret


    But I'll never stop believing


    She can never stop my schemes


    There's more to living than gloves and gowns and threads and seams

    In my dreams

    I'll be free

    ● How Can I Refuse?

    I've been bowing

    I've been scraping

    I've been lying like a rug

    And for ten long years I've had to pay my dues

    But today I am escaping

    For the last gold has been dug

    It was waiting there, so how could I refuse?

    I'm returning home a hero

    Who's discovered mighty wealth

    And what better husband could a princess choose?

    I'm the suitor who will suit her

    Bring the kingdom back to health

    And I'll wear the crown, for how could I refuse?

    Raise every glass

    And rouse every cheer!

    Praise that the reign of Preminger is here!

    Master in charge of all that I see

    All hail me!

    And by marrying the princess I get all that I desire

    Like a moat

    An ermine coat

    And palace views

    Even though she treats me coldly

    It's a sign of inner fire

    For inside she's thinking

    "How can I refuse?"

    No! I wont let go!

    This peasant son wont turn and run because some reckless royal chose another beau's...a temporary setback

    It's a momentary lapse

    But conviently my ego doesn't bruise

    And the moment that I get back I will show them who's the boss

    You can bet your bullion there'll be no "I do's"

    Yes suppose the girl goes missing

    And the king says "au revoir"

    Then I find her

    Bring her back and make the news

    Then the queen will be so grateful

    That she'll pledge the heir to moi

    And I'll humbly tell her

    "How can I refuse?"

    When our ceremony's over

    I'll arise and take the thrown

    And that nitwit Anneliese can kiss my shoe

    For the kingdom and the castle will be mine and mine alone

    If the crown should fit then how can I refuse?

    So get ready with the roses and stand by with the champagne

    When you've got a brilliant plan you never lose

    Yes before the chapter closes

    I'll be as big as Charlemagne

    It's a thankless job but how can I refuse

    How can I refuse?

    ● I Am A Girl Like You


    If I'd like to have my breakfast hot

    Madame Carp will make me pay

    And I have to fetch the eggs myself

    And the barn's a mile away

    It's cold and wet and still I get

    An omlette on my plate

    But in my head I'm back in bed

    Snuggled up and sleeping late


    If I want some eggs I ring the bell

    And the maid comes running in

    And she serves them on a silver tray

    And she brings a cookie tin

    And while I eat, she rubs my feet

    And strolling minstrels play

    But I'd rather be in my library reading science books all day


    I'm just like you


    You are?


    You're just like me

    There's somewhere else we'd rather be

    Somewhere that's ours

    Somewhere that dreams come true

    Yes, I am a girl like you

    You'd never think that it was so

    But now I've met you and I know

    It's plain as day, sure as the sky is blue

    That I am a girl like you

    First I choose a fabric from the rack

    And I pin the pattern down

    And I stitch it in the front and back

    And it turns into a gown


    I wear the gown, without my crown

    And dance around my room


    And imagine life without the strife of an unfamiliar groom


    I'm just like you (I think that's true)

    You're just like me (Yes, I can see)


    We take responsibility


    We carry through (We carry through)


    Do what we need to do

    Yes, I am a girl like you


    I'm just like you (I'm just like you)

    You're just like me (You're just like me)


    It's something anyone can see


    A heart that beats (A heart that beats)


    A voice that speaks the truth

    Yes, I am a girl like you!

    ● To Be A Princess


    To be a princess

    Is to know which spoon to use

    To be a princess

    Is to own a thousand pairs of shoes

    To maintain a regal gaite

    Leave the parsley on your plate

    And be charming but detached

    And yet amused

    To be a princess

    Is to never be confused

    Do a pli?and never fall

    Don't ever stray from protocol

    All through the day

    There's just one way

    You must behave

    Do keep a grip and never crack

    Stiff upper lip and arch the back

    Bend from above

    And always wear your gloves

    And wave

    Shoulders back and

    Tummy in and

    Pinky out and

    Lift the chin and

    Slowly turn the head from side to side


    I see now


    Breathing gently

    Stepping lightly

    Smile brightly

    Nod politely

    Never show a thing you feel inside


    To be a princess

    Is to always look your best

    To be a princess

    Is to never get to rest

    Sit for a portrait, never squirm

    Sleep on a mattress extra firm

    Speak and be clever

    Never at a loss for words

    Curtsy to every count and lord

    Learn how to play the harpsichord

    Sing lullabies and always harmonize in thirds


    Thirds, thirds



    She has beautiful eyes

    Your spirits rise

    When she walks in the room

    Doors close

    And the chemistry grows

    She's like a rose

    That's forever in bloom


    Do a pli?and don't

    (Ever ever ever fall)

    Never show dismay

    (And be there when people call)

    Be prepared whatever royal life will bring

    Do keep a grip and don't

    (Ever ever ever crack)

    Take a dainty sip

    (Never ever turn your back)

    There's a time and place and way for everything

    To be a princess

    Is to never make your bed

    To be a princess

    Is to always use your head

    ● The Cat's Meow

    I can see it when you're feeling low

    You can't hide that from me

    You're no status quo calico

    So why keep trying to be?

    'Cause you're more than that

    You're my doggish cat

    I wish you could see the you I see

    I say

    If you bark

    Celebrate it

    Make your mark

    Serenade it

    Noah's ark

    Shoulda had a cat like you

    And if

    What you are

    Is a strange you

    Doesn't mean

    You should change you

    Only means

    You should change your point of view

    Hey, feline

    You fetch just fine

    To thine own self be true

    Your bow wow's

    The cat's meow

    It's how I know you're you

    You don't need the bows

    Or tiara

    Bid your woes


    Trust your nose

    'Cause it knows the way to go

    When you

    Chase your tail

    You're enchanting

    Spirits sail

    When you're panting

    When you wail

    You're a rover, Romeo

    There is not

    One hair of you

    That I would rearrange

    I love you the way you are

    And that will never change

    That will never change

    ● If You Love Me For Me


    Once a lass met a lad

    You're a gentle one, said she

    In my heart I'd be glad

    If you loved me for me

    You say your love is true

    And I hope that it will be


    I'd be sure, if I knew

    That you loved me for me


    Could I be the one you're seeking?

    Will I be the one you choose? Can you tell my heart is speaking?

    My eyes will give you clues


    What you see may be deceiving

    Truth lies underneath the skin


    Hope will blossum by believing


    The heart that lies within


    I'll be yours

    Together we shall always be as one

    If you love me for me


    Who can say where we'll go

    Who can promise what will be

    But I'll stay by your side


    I'll be yours

    Together we shall always

    Be as one


    If you love me for me

    If you love me for me

    ● Written In Your Heart

    And you're always free to begin again

    And you're always free to believe

    When you find the place

    That your heart belongs

    You'll never leave

    You and I will always be

    Celebrating life together

    I know I have found a friend forever more

    Love is like a melody

    One that I will always treasure

    Courage is the key that opens every door

    Though you may not know

    Where your gifts may lead

    And it may not show at the start

    When you live your dreams

    You'll find destiny

    Is written in your heart

    Though you may not know

    Where your gifts may lead

    And it may not show at the start

    When you live your dream

    You'll find destiny

    Is written in your heart

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