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我高中時代就讀於國立苗栗農工職業學校機械科,這三年中我奠定了電學及工程方面的基礎,高中畢業後,我參加新竹縣獨立聯招,考上了元培科學技術學院醫學工程系,大學四年內,我習得有關醫學電子方面的之識,其中我最擅長於8051 IC晶片設計,我最覺得有趣的事,居然可以把一大長篇的程式,燒錄到一個小小的IC晶片內,並藉由IC晶片來控制一台電腦,基至是一部機械。

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    Our high school era attends the state-run agro-industrial mechanical department of vocational school of Miaoshu, I established the foundations of electricity and project in these three years, after graduating from the high school, I join Hsinchu county to unite and employ independently, bank up the scientific and technical medical engineering department of institute with earth after admitting to yuan, in the one year such as university, to know what I practise medical electron relevant, I among them good at 8051 IC chip design most, the thing that I think it interesting most, can burn and record in a small IC chip the procedure of one big treatise , and is it control one computer to come by chip by IC, base to one machinery


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