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  • David
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    1 decade ago
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    電話 telephone

    聽筒 receiver

    電話線 cord

    本地電話 local call

    長途電話 long-distance call

    國際電話 international call

    接線生 operator

    查號臺 directory assistance

    電話卡 phone card

    公共電話 pay phone

    無線電話 cordless phone

    行動電話 cellular phone

    電話答錄機 answering machine

    電話簿 telephone book

    傳呼機 pager

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    **an operator, a telephone operator接線生

    **to pick up the phone接電話

    ex. Please can you help me pick up the phone?==>可以幫忙接一下電話嗎?

    **to hang up the phone掛電話

    ex. she hang up on me==>她掛斷我的電話…

    **extension 212==>分機212

    ex.May I talk to David?Can I have extension 212?==>我想找David,可以幫我轉分機212嗎?

    **area code==>區域號碼

    **電話號碼的念法: 02-2211-3224念成:area code zero-two, two-two-one-one-three-two-two-four.* 0 可念成 oh 或 zero* 22 可念成 two-two 或 double two

    **you have the wrong number==>你打錯電話了

    **How do I get an outside line==>如何打外線?


    **telephone answering machine==>電話答錄機

    **mobile phone/cellphone number==>手機號碼


    ex.Can I leave a message?我可以留言給他嗎?

    **a dial- a- ride電話叫車

    **a telephone subscriber

    **a telephone receiver電話耳機

    **the telephone office電話局

    **a telephone kiosk or booth電話亭

    **a telefacsimile電話傳真

    **a conference call電話會議

    **a microphone/a telephone transmitter話筒

    **a switchboard電話總機

    **a phone book電話簿

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago operator; a telephone operator.接線生

    2.The line is busy.電話忙線中

    3.Take a message.寫下留言

    4.Leave a message.用(嘴)留言

    5.Let me transfer your call.轉接

    6.Thank you for your calling.謝謝你的來電

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