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    The 衛仲 of the Sung Dynasty attains in 翰 LIN2 YUAN4 an official, have once the ghost 卒 he of the soul leads to the hell.The main judgment officer of the hell orders the book of the under charge to do, he at world of living beings do of two kinds of small volumes of good deed,ill news sends to come up.Waiting for the small volume sends to on seeing, his ill news small volume gets much unexpectedly the stand is full one yard;And the small volume of the good deed is like a chopsticks just so small.The lord judges the officer and orders to take the steelyard to weigh and see, stand full the bad small volume of the yard pours on the contrary and lightly;So small winding that is like the chopsticks well the small volume is on the contrary heavy. The 衛仲 attain to ask:"my age still not to 40 years old, which meeting make so many mistake crimes?" The lord judges the officer to say:"only a mind iniquity is a crime, do not need to etc. go to you to make."Like see the sex, move the bad mind, is made. The 衛仲 attain and ask:"this well in small volume what is what to record?" The lord judges the officer to say:"the emperor has to want to build the big engineering once, fixing three mountainous country square's stone bridges, you play to advise him and do not fix up, in case tire the people and waste the resources, this is you to play an original draft." The 衛仲 attain to say:"although I said,the emperor does not hear, or starts construction, carry on and did not take place the function to that thing, can how this 疏 form return have the so big strength?" The lord judges the officer to say:"although the emperor didn't suggestion that hears you,your this mind uses very sincere, the purpose lies in make ten million of the common people avoid the hard labor, if the emperor hears yours, so your merits and virtues larger!If you are willing to turn the people of this world with this heart degree, also not difficult!Regrettable your evil thought is too many, so well of the strength therefore reduced the half, and your officer's also dided not hope to rise the prime minister." Afterwards 衛

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