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Anonymous asked in 教育與參考出國留學 · 2 decades ago


Subject: Welcome to IDP Global Apply Online

Dear Chun,

Thank you for registering with IDP Global Apply Online.

Your user name is:

Your password is:

Your unique IDP applicant number is:

You will need to login into Global Apply Online and change your password to

something that you will remember. It would be a good idea to keep this information

somewhere safe so you can access your online record.

You are currently registered with:

IDP: Kaohsiung Suite 17C No. 7 Szu Wei 4th Road Kaohsiung 802 Taiwan

Telephone:(+886 7) 335 0910

As a registered user with Global Apply Online you have agreed to the Terms,

Conditions and Consent and you can visit this IDP office and have a counsellor

assist you through the application process or you can independently:

- access information on courses and institutions in Australia

- select courses you wish to apply to

- complete an online application to the course of your choice

by logging in to Global Apply Online at

We recommend that you access your online record to check the progress of your

application through the assessment process.

If your contact details change (including email address) please notify your IDP

office to update your online record.

We look forward to assisting you with your applications.

Best regards,

IDP Kaohsiung

[System ReferenceID: ]

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    2 decades ago
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    主題: 歡迎到IDP 全球性運用網上親愛的春, 謝謝向IDP 登記全球性在網上申請。用戶名是: 您的密碼是: 您獨特的IDP 申請人編號是: 您將需要登錄入全球性在網上申請和改變您的密碼到某事您將記住。這會是一個好想法保持這資訊某處安全因此您能訪問您的網上紀錄。您當前向登記: IDP: Kaohsiung 隨員17C 第7 Szu 韋第4 條路Kaohsiung 802 臺灣Telephone:(+886 7) 335 0910 因為一個登記的用戶與全球性應用您在網上讚成期限、條件和同意並且您可能參觀這個IDP 辦公室和有顧問協助您通過應用過程或您獨立地能: - 訪問資訊關於路線並且機關在澳洲- 您希望申請對- 的精選的路線完成一個線上申請對您的選擇路線由登錄對全球性在網上申請在 。我們推薦, 您訪問您的網上紀錄檢查您的應用進展通過評估過程。如果您的聯絡細節改變(包括電子郵件) 請通知您的IDP 辦公室更新您的網上紀錄。我們盼望協助您以您的應用。此致敬意, IDP Kaohsiung

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