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    Kazakhstan embraces E M me: Has disappeared for a long time and embraced, who am I? Below that piece and those girl that you take pictures, remember me? After you leave Taiwan; We day a new one and miss you very much , partner of army , these, because there is your E - M A I L is really inconvenient to get in touch with ! Could you tell me that are there other people's? Is it possible to give to me? There is this that is this website of network looks of mine, you can go to have a look oh to break off with the fingers and thumb , hope that you can answer a letter to me

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    Kazak hugs E M I: Does not see for a long time hugs, who am I? Under

    that and you photograph that girl, but also remembers me? Leaves

    Taiwan since you; Our these days are new (date newly needs to turn)

    the same armed force partner all extremely to think of you, because

    only has your E - M A I L really not convenient contact! Asked you

    have other people? May give me? Also has this is my network this

    website, you may go have a look oh break off, hoped you can return

    seal the letter to me

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    Hello EMI:


    long time no see, do you have an idea about who I am?


    I'm the girl who is next to you in the picture, remember?


    Since you left Taiwan, my partners and I, we miss you guys very much,


    May I have other people's e-mails Because it's kind of inconvenient


    for me to have your e-mail only.


    Besides, this is the web of my photo album, you may take a look!


    See you, hope to get your write back soon.


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    The 哈 hugs the EMI :

    The long time no see hug, who am I?Below that is with you that girl who take a picture, also remember me?After you leave Taiwan;We these days are new together soldier the partners all think of you very, because only yourE -MAIL is really inconvenient to contact!You have the others of?Is it all right to give me?Still have this is my network mutually this Web address, you can see

    Bye-bye, hope you can return to seal to believe to me

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