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    my name is 000. i am from a simple family with loving and caring parents and a younger brother growing up happlily together.


    i like the changing colors in the sky since the earliest moment i can remember. i am attract to the unlimited sky ever since. i prefer bule sky and white clouds especially; therefore, i offen wished i were a part of the clouds in the sky when i was young.


    after growing up, i wanted to become a flight attendant. i can get closer to the sky and gain knowledge at the same time. my dream about become a flight attendant has never changed.

    即使在長大後所讀的科系是護理,但是我仍相信自己可以達到從小的夢想:空服員。 因為,我認為我可以把護理的精神發揮到空服上面。

    even though i majored in nursing in college, i still believed i could achieve my childhood dream to become a flight attendant. i believe i can elaborate the spirit of nursing to flight attending.


    i learned to treat patients as if they were my family from nursing course. no matter i am a nurse or a flight attdant, i will exercise this concept to treat everyone around as family.


    i truely believe this is the rule of thumb to serve people in the service industry.


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    嗯!有同感!不過他們肯回答就很感謝了啦!我個人覺得第二個回答者between jobs翻的比較好!:)

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    How do you do, my name is named 000, it is simple for the population in my home, one pair cherish the parents that I looked after me , and a happy younger brother who grew up while as a child from small to large. Remember that since I am sensible , I am all right to like watching the changeable view in the sky, yearning for the vastness of the sky from began me at that time, I especially liked blue and blue day. In vain white cloud, so often hoped as a child that oneself can be turned into a cloud in the sky. After growing up gradually, I begin the plan, hope to work as a steward on clear day by oneself , can thus be close to my favorite sky, can also more increase information , so has not disappeared to the dream which has worked as the steward all the time. Even it is attended to that the department studied in is after growing up, but I still believe the dream that can reach while as a child oneself: Steward. Because I think that I can give play to to the spirit attended to on the empty clothes . I study to and look at the idea that the disease kisses particularly in course that is attended to, I will believe no matter I am engaged in attending to or can use this idea to engaged in obeying me emptily in the future, it is one's own relative's the same cordiality that everyone that treats at one's side regards as. I believe that could make sure so that the service trade serves people's basic spirit.

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