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    Computer is one of the most important invention of the 20th century. The wide-spread popularity of computer and its application changed human life fundamentally that everything in life now cannot be separated from computers. I first learned of computer was when I was twelve. At the time personal computers were not yet so popular. I was intrigued by the computer, and it puzzled me why we are so dependent on computers. So through gradual usage and my own playing around with the computer I became extremely interested in computer. When I got to high school, I chose study with a computer science specialization, and started really learning about programming languages with great interest. At that time the internet industry started to develop, and various computer-related informations became easier to obtain. This had further fueled my love in computer programming, and made me determined to become a software engineer. Upon graduation from high school and after entering college, I discovered that there are much more applications to computer programming language. Therefore I dedicated myself to work in JAVA, ASP, PHP, and the application to database.

    I served in the navy for a year and a half after graduating from college, and was employed by a software company in Taiwan. Soon I realized that what I have learned was not enough, and I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to come to the United States to study.

    Source(s): I translated this myself, I've lived in the US since I was 11. Hope this help.
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