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我今年剛從中國醫藥大學醫務管理系畢業 ,但我真正的專長與興趣都是在電影創作,當初會讀中國也是為了父母希望我從是有關醫學方面的職業,經過幾年的成長我決定夢想才是人生的目標,也決定再服完兵役後重新開始自己的人生,但是我仔細的讀過UCLA的官網後竟然看到這項條件"UCLA does not admit students into any undergraduate program who already hold Bachelor’s degrees"我頓時跌到谷底,這樣我還可以申請嗎?國內的學士國外不一定承認,這樣我也算擁有學士學歷媽?

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    That is very true. All the University of California will not admit student into any undergraduate program if he or she has a Bachelor degree.

    You can try to apply for their graduate program and convince them your expertise and interest is in movie production. You may need to explain how you acquire the experties of movie/film production since your undergraduate degree is health administration. You can show them your work to increase your chance because you have the experience and the most important thing is INTEREST and PASSION of the subject.

    UCLA is a very competitive school. Sometimes students with GPA=4.0 are still not get accepted.

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    你算擁有學士學歷沒錯. 中國醫藥大學又不是什麼野雞大學. 幾乎肯定會被承認的.

    可是你可以申請UCLA電影方面的碩士啊. 絕大部份的研究所都不會限制學生大學時唸的是什麼科系. 只要你有相關作品, 就放手去申請碩士吧! Good luck!

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