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Ampoules簡稱Amp ,意思是濃縮精華。la prairie教育訓練部副理徐曼評表示,安瓶是以真空冷凍乾燥技術,瞬間封存保養品的精純成分,通常作為高濃度保養品包裝使用,以確保營養成分的新鮮度與有效性。



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    General merchandise particularly the cabinet maintains the article packing sorcery

    Maintaining the article attracts person's reason →packing →upscale


    The Ampoules calls the Amp, the meanings is a concentrated essence.The la prairie training department assistant manager 徐曼評 indicates that Anne's bottle freezes the dry technique with the vacuum, sealing to save the pure composition of maintaining the article in a twinkling, usually being the high density to maintain the article packing usage, to insure the fresh degree and usefulness of the nourishment composition.

    Illustrate with example, the vitamin C oxidizes easily, plusing top-class maintain the article density higher, need to use Anne a packing then, the cost compares to pack to want generally high.

    Anne's bottle usually has twos to seal completely a bottle of body, just pouring two kinds of compositions together while using, the admixture produces the result of scheduling to.She says that use every a bottle of Anne who mixs with the back a thing, about can, the packing capacity that have can use to amount to 14 days.

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