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The shape of the galaxy.....

1. The shape of the galaxyThe galaxy we live in is called the Milky Way. It is shaped approximately like:A) A round ballB) A doughnutC) A pretzelD) A flat spiral2. Not found in sharksUnlike most other fish, sharks have no:A) BonesB) TeethC) GillsD) Liver3. MercuryThe metal mercury:A) Is the hardest known metalB) Is a liquid at room temperatureC) Is highly radioactiveD) Is extensively used in aircraft construction翻譯並寫出正確答案!

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    1. 星系的形狀 D


     A) 一個圓的球

     B) 一個多福餅

     C) 一個椒鹽脆餅

     D) 一個平的螺旋

    2. 在鯊魚身上沒發現 A


     A) 骨頭

     B) 牙

     C) 鰓

     D) 肝臟

    3. 水星 B


     A) 是己知最堅硬的的金屬

     B) 在室溫是液體

     C) 是高度放射性

     D) 廣泛地被使用在航空器建築

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