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請問cruise line是什麼意思~

請問cruise line是什麼意思~請問cruise line是什麼意思~

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    根據劍橋字典所寫Cruise的意思有三 :

    1. to travel on ships for pleasure.

    2. If a ship or aircraft cruises, it travels at a continuous speed.

    3.[I or T] SLANG to go around public places looking for someone to have sex with:

    基於2.的解釋, cruise line有"航線"的意思。

    希望有回答到你的問題 *m*

    Source(s): Cambridge dictionary
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    Cruise lines nowadays are offering hundreds of cruises and there are dozens of cruise lines to choose from for your holiday pleasure, from a cool whale watching trip in the Arctic to a sunny cruise in the Caribbean.  The question is which cruise line should you choose for your holidays?Some of the cruise lines owing the cruise ships they advertise, some others are chartering them.  Some are using older, when other cruise lines are sailing with newer vessels.  There are many factors playing a role for the success of your cruising vacations.

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    line:(n.):行程 , 方向

    cruise line: 海上巡邏方向

    Source(s): 遠東英漢.漢英辭典
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