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When SARS is concerned, I consider that it’s very terrible. It takes many lives which vary from laborers to doctors. In the period, there are many generous and vehement nurses and doctors devote themselves on the front line to help those patients. We have to appreciate them, because if without them, the disastrous must become more serious and enlarge.

After SARS, we should know that there are still many passions between humans. We through think and thin together and I believe that we’ll become stronger to deal with different problems.

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    Talking about SARS, I consider it is terrible. It takes many lives, from laborers to doctors. During that period, there were many brave and courageous nurses and doctors devoted themselves on the front line to help their patients. We appreciate their devotion, without their contribution, this disease would have become more serious and widespread. From this outbreak of SARS, we have learned that the human passion still exists. We worked together and I believe that we are strong enough to deal with different problems in the future.

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    這篇短文要很改進...much improvements and corrections are needed

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