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Who can help me about turtles?




their needed.special care...(use eng)

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    Red-Eared Slider ****Perhaps the Brazilian turtle, some people naturally associates its habitat to be supposed to come from Brazil, but the Brazilian turtle's habitat comes in fact from US, moreover its genuine name is not called "the Brazilian turtle", should be called "the Mississippi red ear turtle" (this article later all to call "the Brazilian turtle" by "red ear turtle"), systematic name ﹕ Chrysemys scripta elegans, in the classification will belong to the turtle turtle item Ze turtle branch, red ear turtle (Red-Eared Slider [ Chrysemys scripta ]) in subspecies. In addition, the Taiwan another kind of common red ear turtle, is called Huang Tuhung the ear turtle (Chrysemys scripta scripta), on this kind of red ear turtle's characteristic quite special ﹕ rib shield has the decadent stripe, the eye back also has the obvious yellow big spot, also the abdomen armor also assumes the yellow. The red ear turtle originally distributes east of the American rocky mountains ktranslitk the area, but because is easy the reason which raises, therefore is regarded as outside the pet to sell to world each place. Speaking of Taiwan, red ear turtle although for external kind, but because the people set free a captured animal or abandon raise, on the sur- their suitable stress is strong, also does not select food, therefore just like plants in the open country race group like the native place is same, then threatens the original ecology, the rivers, the pond, the reservoir and so on, obviously its trail, according to the special biological care center research, north Taiwan the local river lake, nearly all is their world. Although red ear turtle's Shui Ch'ihsing is very strong, but the daytime warms, they also are can leave the water surface, climbs up in the driftwood or the stone exposes to the sun the sun.

    Red-Eared Slider belongs eat anything, therefore the animal protein with Vegetables fruit and the plant, they all eats. But, the young turtle is higher regarding the animal protein demand, may reach 40% ﹔ Cheng Kuei takes in food by chance, then comparison deviation vegetative quality origin. Wild red ear turtle's food including ﹕ small fish, tadpole, aquatic mollusk, as well as many kind of growths in water or land plant. In Taiwan, according to the field observation, the degree which they does not select food, even in Lianshui's animal corpse also eats.

    The red ear turtle's female and male difference, generally says, the female turtle's build can compared to the male turtle big, but male turtle's rear part thicker, moreover the reproductive organ quite is far to the anus shield, the abdomen armor also has to in hollow characteristic, but, this kind of outward appearance observation, compared with is suitable to becomes the turtle.

    Usually, we on hand raise the red ear turtle mostly belongs to the young turtle stage, if is Cheng Kuei's, the body is long may amount to 30 centimeters. As for red ear turtle's life, so long as the raising way is correct, some even may surpass 100 years old, returns the longevity compared to the humanity!

    here is english website:

    Red-eared Slider (Trachemys scripta elegans)


    The red-eared slider is perhaps the best known and most recognizable of turtles. It is a medium sized turtle with a dark green oval shell, marked with yellow in younger turtles, green legs with thin yellow stripes and a green head with a red stripe behind the eye

    Life History

    Red-eared sliders are Texas's most common aquatic turtles. These turtles get their name from a broad red stripe behind their eye and their habit of sliding off rocks and logs when startled. Older turtles are often covered with a thick coat of algae. Some red-eared sliders live more than 30 years.

    Sliders are cold-blooded and spend hours sunning themselves on rocks and logs. If there are not enough rocks or logs for all of them they will often stack themselves one on top of the other! They bury themselves in loose soil or mud during the winter to escape the cold. When population numbers get high, these turtles move across land to other bodies of water in search of food and space. They eat aquatic plants, small fish, and decaying material.

    Female turtles lay their eggs in holes that they dig in the ground and leave. Young turtles are born having to take care of themselves. Baby red-eared sliders were once very popular as children's pets until it was discovered that some of them carried the disease, salmonella. It is now illegal to sell sliders less than 4 inches in diameter. Most wild animals make very poor pets and are best observed in their native habitat.

    A turtle's shell is actually made up of its ribs joined together and covered with a thin layer of skin. Each of the ribs is made of jigsaw-like sections called scutes, which grow at the edges. This allows the turtle to increase in size without outgrowing its shell. Mature males have long toenails on their front feet that they use when courting females. The males swim backwards in front of females and fan water over their faces.

    Sliders have poor hearing but are very sensitive to vibrations. This makes it hard to sneak up on them. Their name, slider, comes from the fact that they are quick to slide off of rocks, logs or the banks if danger threatens.


    Red-eared sliders are found in most permanent slow-moving water sources with mud bottoms in the eastern three quarters of the state.


    They range from Indiana to New Mexico down through Texas to the Gulf of Mexico. They are widely distributed throughout Texas except for the far western region.


    In many Native American creation stories, the land on which they lived was the back of a huge turtle floating in a vast sea. Turtles were considered sacred and never killed. The thirteen pieces on some turtle's shells are thought to represent the thirteen moons of the year.

    PS:I am help you to use the translation actually also all am Chinese website hoped can help you

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