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study permit and student visa

what's different between student visa and study permit??

are they same?? if not, which one is better??


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    如果您說的是加拿大,study permit是移民局依你的學校所出具的證明,發給您的一張近似A4大小的紙張,表示您可以在加拿大讀書.再根據這張study permit,加拿大駐台辦事處才發給你study visa,是一張小小張,貼在您的護照上.這是一種短期進出加拿大海關時的證明(就如同旅遊的人需要visitor visa).

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    never heard of "study permit".. but "working permit"

    Student Visa, issued by AIT, if you have received I-20 from school that you applied, both are important documents to allow you to enter US.

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