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黃彥傑 asked in 社會與文化語言 · 1 decade ago

Dressed up to the nines?

在"Don't cry for me Argentina"這首歌中的一段:Although she's dressed up to the nines雖然她濃妝豔抹And sixes and sevens with you其中"dressed up to the nines"和"sixes and sevens "是什麼意思?為什麼有這種用法??


Could you please give Chinese explanation for what they mean and how they're used in the sentence??

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    1 decade ago
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    dressed up to the nines  :  If you're 'dressed to the nines' it doesn't mean that you have nine layers of clothes on! It means you are dressed very smartly or elaborately.


    *施孝昌(中國時報-英文學習) 從頭到腳穿戴整齊,打扮得漂漂亮亮、光鮮亮麗,叫做”dressed up to the nines”。有人考證,說nines其實是eyes古字變音,但考古學就別管它了,反正妳要去約會,最好是dressed up to the nines;有時候要出風頭,dressed up to the nines也是個好方法,妳不見最近有位話題人物,每回出現都是dressed up to the nines麼!

    Are you going to a party or what? Why are you dressed up to the nines like that?

    你是去參加派對嗎?怎麼穿得那麼光鮮啊? and sevens  :   This expression is commoner in the UK and Commonwealth countries than in the US. It can mean something that’s in a state of total confusion or disarray, or people who are collectively in a muddle or at loggerheads about how to deal with some situation. For example, a British newspaper article in 2002 reported that the Conservative opposition had accused the Government of being “at sixes and sevens” over what to do with the rail network.辭源典故 at sixes and sevens :: 第37 期:: 中文: 亂七八糟 解釋: 一 sixes and sevens ... the other players were at sixes and sevens. (球隊隊長摔斷了腿,其他隊員陷入了一片混亂。) the members couldn't come to an agreement.They were at sixes and sevens. (委員們不能達成一致意見。他們各持己見。) zhxl/chxx/ewords/eword37.htm

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