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英文高手 拜託幫幫忙 請幫我翻譯(20點)

Michael is a college senior who is majoring in marketing. He owns a high-mileage 1992 Ford that has a current market value of $2500. The current replacement value of his clothes, television set, stereo set, cell phone, and other personal property in a rented apartment totals $10,000. He wears disposable contact lenses, which cost $300 for a six-month supply. He also has a waterbed in his rented apartment that has leaked water in the past. An avid runner, Michael runs five miles daily in a nearby public park that has the reputation of being extremely dangerous because of drug dealers, numerous assaults and muggings, and drive-by shootings. Michael’s parents both work to help him pay his tuition.

For each of the following risks or loss exposures, identify an appropriate risk management technique that could have been used to deal with the exposure. Explain your answer.

a.Physical damage to the1992 Ford because of a collision with another motorist

b.Liability lawsuit against Michael arising out of the negligent operation of his car

c.Total loss of clothes, television, stereo, and personal property because of a grease fire in the kitchen of his rented apartment

d.Disappearance of one contact lens

e.Waterbed leak that causes property damage to the apartment

f.Physical assault on Michael by gang members who and dealing drugs in the park where he runs

g.Loss of tuition assistance from Michael’s father who is killed by a drunk driver in an auto accident

請高手幫幫忙>"<希望不要用翻譯軟體 如果是翻譯軟體也請幫忙順順文章

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    a. 因為與其他車輛相撞而造成那輛一九九二年份福特車的損壞。

    b. 因為駕駛不當而引起的法律訴訟。

    c. 由於租屋廚房失火而造成衣物、電視、音響、和個人物品全部報銷。

    d. 遺失一邊隱形眼鏡。

    e. 水床漏水造成公寓財產的損害。

    f. 在跑步的公園裏被販毒的幫派份子攻擊。

    g. 父親在車禍中被酒醉的駕駛人撞死,失去學費的資助。

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