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She comes in colors 意思??

關於rolling stones在1967年的一首She's a rainbow


She comes in colors ==>該怎ㄇ翻譯??

She comes in colors ev'rywhere;

She combs her hair

She's like a rainbow

Coming, colors in the air

Oh, everywhere

She comes in colors


請問 comes in colors 是片語嗎?



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    為了為這主題鋪路,所以它用She comes in colors 來形容這女生出現時,



    2005-10-11 21:31:07 補充:

    就我所知不是,雖有come in的片語,但意思完全不通.

    所以come只能單獨當出現. 如果說She comes in red.這個in red 可指她穿了一身紅衣服. 所以重點是你怎麼翻in colors. 歌名She's a rainbow. 一般我們看到Rainbow就會覺得其色彩很美麗. 它就是要形容她像彩虹般多彩才這麼說. 所以你可想像她是美的散發各種色彩.

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    Dauson is right!

    2005-10-15 21:29:32 補充:

    "She's a rainbow" is an example of metaphor, which is often found in poems or lyrics of songs. The "she" is a lady, who, according to the singer, is "colorfully" radiant and glamorous wherever she is, that is, "光彩奪目,閃閃動人" in Chinese.

    2005-10-16 12:45:22 補充:

    I've done some surfing on the net, reading some reviews on Rolling Stones. This band is good at singing love songs, so I infer that the "she" in the lyrics is a lady!

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    我看了整首歌的歌詞﹐我覺得這裡的She有可能是指Mother Nature (大自然)﹐因為歌詞裡有這幾段...Have you seen her dressed in blue? 可見過她身披藍衫﹖See the sky in front of you 看看眼前這片晴空蔚藍And her face is like a sail 她容顏如一張船帆Speck of white so fair and pale一抹嫩雪剔透又潔白 (a sail, speck of white都是影射雲朵)Have you seen a lady fairer? 可有哪位貴婦比她更細白﹖Have you seen her all in gold? 可見過她一身金光閃閃Like a queen in days of old如舊時女王般風華絕代She shoots her colors all around她光芒四射揮灑絢爛Like a sunset going down夕陽西斜一樣的色彩Have you seen a lady fairer? 可有哪位貴婦比她更可愛﹖至於複歌那段﹐大概是這樣...She comes in colors ev'rywhere; 她到處都是顏色She combs her hair 美女梳頭的姿色She's like a rainbow 有如一道彩虹Coming, colors in the air 七彩繽紛在空中Oh, everywhere Oh, 隨處可見She comes in colors 她有好多顏色Just my interpretation. : )(還有﹐如樓下Dauson所言﹐comes in colors不是片語)

    2005-10-16 04:39:52 補充:

    What can I say? Different people, different interpretations. : )

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