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請問u演過 出軌 的 Diane Lane的資料

不好意思 八卦一下


請問 女影星Diane Lane (有跟 RICHARD GERE拍過 UNFAITHFUL)

的身高 體重 出生年月日 出生地 最高學歷 所唸學校

最接近所有問題答案的便給分 3QQQ


不用翻譯 看的很懂



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    Born:January 22, 1965, New York, New York, USAHeight:5'6"Father:Burt Lane (acting coach; separated) Mother:Colleen Farrington (Playboy's Miss October 1957)Daughter:Eleanor (born in 1993; father: Christopher Lambert) Husband:Christopher Lambert (French; actor; married in October 1988; divorced in March 1994) Quote:"There's a persona to being an actress.... That could put anyone into the shrink's office. Especially if you're fifteen, sixteen, eighteen years old going through that; realizing that the job is to have a persona."True but strange:Francis Ford Coppola admitted to always having had a crush on Diane, even though she starred in his films when she was barely pubescent.Factoid:The daughter of drama coach Burt Lane, Lane made her acting debut at the age of six, working with New York's renowned experimental group Cafe La Mama. With them, Lane toured Europe in productions of Medea and The Trojan Women, among other plays. Working for Joseph Papp, Lane appeared in his productions of The Cherry Orchard and Agamemnon at Lincoln Center. In 1978, she received critical acclaim for her lead performance in the off-Broadway hit Runaways. Following her success in A Little Romance (1979), Lane was lucky enough to be able to sustain a steady career as a young adult actress. Lane's enchanting combination of sexuality and innocence made her popular with adolescent audiences and landed her on the cover of Time magazine. Her profile was noticeably enhanced after director Francis Ford Coppola became her mentor and provided her with roles in such films as The Outsiders (1983), Rumble Fish (1983), and The Cotton Club (1984).

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