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Teenagers who listen to the same music often have a common look. One hot style in music and fashion is hip-hop. Simpiy put, hip-hop is a type of urban music with a heavy beat. Typical hip-hop fashions are loose-fitting street clothes. The style includes baggy pants, sweatshirts, hiking boots, baseball caps (usually worn backward), jackets with sports logos, and expensive athletic shoes. In the hip-hop style, boys and girls often dress the same way.

African-American kids in Detroit and Chicago first made hip-hop fashionstrendy more than 20 years ago. They wore baggy street clothes to dance clubs. Then North American and European bands also began wearing this style. Thanks to the popularity of music videos and movies, hip-hop soon became an international fashion sensation.

Teens around the world, from Britain to South Africa to Japan, now wear hip-hop clothing. Seventeen-year-old Melanie Borrow, of Manchester, England, says,“My pride and joy in life are my Levi's jeans.” In the United States, teens spend a iot of money on hip-hop fashions. David Bowen, 17, of Evanston, lllinois, has five pairs of hiking boots, eath costing around $100. Davidsays,“They're popular because a lot of hip-hop performers wear them.”


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