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James Blunt-的歌詞

我想找James Blunt-Goodbye My Lover




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    【Goodbye my lover】

    Did I disappoint you or let you down?

    Should I be feeling guilty or let the judges frown?

    'Cause I saw the end before we'd begun,

    Yes I saw you were blinded and I knew I had won.

    So I took what's mine by eternal right.

    Took your soul out into the night.

    It may be over but it won't stop there,

    I am here for you if you'd only care.

    You touched my heart you touched my soul.

    You changed my life and all my goals.

    And love is blind and that I knew when,

    My heart was blinded by you.

    I've kissed your lips and held your head.

    Shared your dreams and shared your bed.

    I know you well, I know your smell.

    I've been addicted to you.

    Goodbye my lover.

    Goodbye my friend.

    You have been the one.

    You have been the one for me.

    I am a dreamer but when I wake,

    You can't break my spirit - it's my dreams you take.

    And as you move on, remember me,

    Remember us and all we used to be

    I've seen you cry, I've seen you smile.

    I've watched you sleeping for a while.

    I'd be the father of your child.

    I'd spend a lifetime with you.

    I know your fears and you know mine.

    We've had our doubts but now we're fine,

    And I love you, I swear that's true.

    I cannot live without you.

    Goodbye my lover.

    Goodbye my friend.

    You have been the one.

    You have been the one for me.

    And I still hold your hand in mine.

    In mine when I'm asleep.

    And I will bear my soul in time,

    When I'm kneeling at your feet.

    Goodbye my lover.

    Goodbye my friend.

    You have been the one.

    You have been the one for me.

    I'm so hollow, baby, I'm so hollow.

    I'm so, I'm so, I'm so hollow.

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    James Blunt - You're Beautiful My life is brilliant. 我的生命如此璀璨My love is pure. 我的愛是如此純淨I saw an angel. 我確定,我曾看過天使Of that I'm sure. She smiled at me on the subway. 他在地下鐵裡對我微笑,She was with another man.                    身旁陪伴著一位男士 But I won't lose no sleep on that, 但我並不會因此而失眠'Cause I've got a plan. 因為我有我的想法You're beautiful. You're beautiful. 你是如此美麗 You're beautiful, it's true. 你是如此美麗,千真萬確的I saw you face in a crowded place, 我在擁擠的人群中看見你的臉And I don't know what to do, 因為我知道永遠無法陪伴在你身旁'Cause I'll never be with you.        所以不知所措Yeah, she caught my eye, 是的,當我們擦身而過時,你佔據了我的心As we walked on by. She could see from my face that I was, 你可以從我的臉上看出我是如此F**king high,                          的興奮And I don't think that I'll see her again, 我想我們再也無緣見面But we shared a moment that will last till the end. 但這一刻就是永恆You're beautiful. You're beautiful. 同上You're beautiful, it's true. I saw you face in a crowded place, And I don't know what to do, 'Cause I'll never be with you. You're beautiful. You're beautiful. You're beautiful, it's true. There must be an angel with a smile on her face,當她想起我們或許能在一起時,臉上一定會綻放著天使般的微笑 When she thought up that I should be with you. But it's time to face the truth, 但該是面對事實的時候了I will never be with you. 我永遠無法與你相守

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