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一堆富感情的句子有誰會翻譯~~20點 謝謝



K: Rebecca你為甚麼要這麼的執著於你的夢想,就不能放棄你的夢去面對目前最為直接的...

R: 放棄~~你再說甚麼~這可是我從小到大一直的夢想

K: 難道你就不覺得那是那麼的不切實際,而且~~

R 你不要太過分喔~!! (熊熊的打斷話) 不切實際(亨~~~)~!!

K 難道你就絕得你就一定能夠做到嗎~?

R 是的,我一直都是那麼的認為

K 可是~~~~你有沒有想過~~這件事課能那麼的容易不是每個人都能成功的


K… (過了一會) 好吧!!你就去試試看,可是當不成就得放棄 前方是絕路,希望再轉角,不要一再的~




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    Kevin felt very unhappy when he knew his sister, Rebecca, would like to apply for admission to a musical school.

    K : Why you so persist in your dream, Rebecca? Can't you give up your dream and face the facts?

    R : Give up? What are you talking about? That is my dream since I was a child.

    K : Don't you think it's unrealistic? Besides...

    R : Don't be unreasonable. (Interrupted) Unrealistic? (humph)

    K : Are you sure you can make it?

    R : Yes, I always think so.

    K : But, did you ever think about if that can be so easy? Not everyone can be successful.

    R : Yes, but I think I still have to try it. If I give up, I'll regret my entire life.

    K : (after a while) OK, go for it. But you have to give up when you failed. If the front is impasse, the hope is in the corner. Don't do it again and agin.

    R : Um, I understand and I know when to accept or reject.

    K : Um, OK! Good night! I have work tomorrow.

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    倒數第三行:again and agin錯了!

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