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滿嘴食物時說話是不禮貌的 英文怎麼說?




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    1. It's rude when you talk with food in your mouse.

    2. I saw a woman who was holding a baby in the bus yesterday.

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    My mouse is always full.

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    And I don't even have a mouse.

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    Guilty!! hahaha...

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    ;' )

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    2 decades ago

    I have never talked with food in my mouse, so I do not know if it is polite or not@@@@

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    1. It's impolite to speak with a mouthful of food.

    Speaking with a mouthful of food is impolite.

    2. I met a lady with a baby in her arms on the bus yesterday.

    I met a woman holding a baby in her arms on the bus yesterday.

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    I wonder if there's a part of us called mouse. Guess it's mouth

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    1.Hour of the mouthful food's talking is ill-mannered

    2.Yesterday I the women that carried child in arms in bus ascending running into a hand

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