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誰有可以兩分鐘內 念完的故事 程度是小學六年級~國中三年級的程度 希望有人能提供 拜託 orz

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    Once upon a time there was a great, great lion. One evening, he ate a very delicious dinner. After his dinner he was very satisfied. He then fell into a deep, deep sleep at the door of his cave. The lion dreamt of many nice things --- mostly things to eat.

    All of a sudden he felt a tug at his mane. Still sleepy, he lifted a paw. And what do you think he found? A tiny, tiny mouse!

    "Grrrrrr!" he growled. "What are you doing in my mane? I am going to eat you up!"

    "Oh, your Majesty! Your Majesty! King of the Jungle!" squeaked the mouse.

    "Please do not eat me! I did not know you were a lion. I thought you were a haystack! I was looking for some nice hay. I am making a new nest for my home. Let me go, please! Some day I can help you too!"

    The lion laughed loudly. He thought the mouse was silly. He could not eat such a silly and funny animal.

    So he let Mr. Mouse go. Then the lion went to sleep again, laughing.

    In the cool early morning Mr. Lion woke up . He yawned and stretched his arms and legs.

    "Ahhhhhh!" He thought to himself, "Today will be a fine, beautiful day. It is a perfect day for hunting!"

    So he went hunting in the forest. But there was something that the great lion did not know. There were other hunters in the forest, - the King's hunters from the palace.

    The King's hunters were hunting lions! But they did not want to kill lions --- they wanted to catch lions for the King's zoo.

    Soon the King's hunters saw the great tracks made by Mr. Lion. They followed him through the tall, tangled grass of the forest. They chased him quietly.

    Once they found him, they caught him and tied him up. They used very big, strong rope. The hunters then left him lying on the ground. They went off to get a cage. They would use the cage to bring the great lion to the King's zoo.

    "Grrrrrrrrrr!" roared the lion.

    He tugged and tugged at the strong ropes, but he could not break free. Luckily, the little mouse was nearby. The mouse was sleeping. But then he sat up. He thought he heard a sound nearby.

    "Grrrrrrrr! Hrrrrumph!" roared the lion again.

    "I know that voice," murmured the mouse. He ran quickly toward the roars. Soon he found Mr. Lion. Mr. Lion was still tugging at the ropes. He was also roaring very loudly.

    "Keep still Mr. Lion!" squeaked the mouse. "I can help you with these big strong ropes. Don't move! I'll set you free!"

    The little mouse put his tiny white teeth to the ropes. Then he began to gnaw. He gnawed through one rope, then another, then another. The King's hunters were coming closer and closer.

    They carried with them a very large cage made of strong iron. They were just about to reach the lion when the mouse finished with the ropes. The lion was free!

    "I told you I would help you some day!" cried the mouse happily. "You see, I kept my word! Even a tiny, tiny mouse can help a great big lion!"

    The mouse and the lion escaped from the King's hunters just in time. They then became good friends and helped each other whenever they could.

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    Little Red Riding Hood.

    There's a girl. She likes red. She is Little Red Riding Hood.

    There' s wolf. He likes cake. He is Willy the wolf.

    Mom: Grandma's sick. Take the basket to her.

    Little Red Riding Hood: Okay, mom!

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    Wolf: What do you have in your basket?

    Little Red Riding Hood: I have a cake.

    Wolf: Ooh! I like cake.

    Little Red Riding Hood: Sorry. That's for my grandma.

    Little Red Riding Hood: Grandma, I have a cake for you.

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    Wolf: What do you have in your basket?

    Little Red Riding Hood: I have a cake.

    Wolf: Ooh! I like cake.

    Little Red Riding Hood: Sorry. That's for my grandma.

    Little Red Riding Hood: Grandma, I have a cake for you.

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    Wolf: Good girl. Come in, dear.

    Little Red Riding Hood: Grandma! What a big ears you have!

    Wolf: All the better to hear you with, my dear.

    Little Red Riding Hood: But grandma! What a big eyes you have!

    Wolf: All the better to see you with, my dear!

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    Little Red Riding Hood: But grandma! What a big nose you have!

    Wolf: All the better to smell you with, my dear!

    Little Red Riding Hood: But grand! What a big mouth you have!

    Wolf: All the better to eat your cake with, my dear!

    Little Red Riding Hood: Help!

    Grandma: Don't be bad again!

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    The princess and the pea

    Once upon a time there was a prince who wanted to marry a princess; but she would have to be a real princess. He traveled all over the world to find one, but nowhere could he get what he wanted.

    There were enough princesses, but it was difficult to find out whether they were real ones. There was always something about them that was not as it should be. So he came home again and was sad, for he would have liked very much to have a real princess.

    One evening a terrible storm came; there was thunder and lightning, and the rain poured down in torrents. Suddenly a knocking was heard at the palace gate, and the old king went to open it.

    It was a princess standing out there in front of the gate. But, good gracious! What a sight the rain and the wind had made her look. The water ran down from her hair and clothes; it ran down into the toes of her shoes and out again at the heels. And yet she said that she was a real princess.

    "Well, we'll soon find out," thought the old queen. But she said nothing, went into the bedroom, took all the bedding off the bedstead, and laid a pea on the bottom; then she took twenty mattresses and laid them on the pea, and then twenty eider-down beds on top of the mattresses.

    On this the princess had to lie all night. In the morning she was asked how she had slept.

    "Oh, very badly!" said she. "I scarcely closed my eyes all night. Heaven only knows what was in the bed, but I was lying on something hard, so that I am black and blue all over my body. It's horrible!"

    Now they knew that she was a real princess because she had felt the pea right through the twenty mattresses and the twenty eider-down beds.

    Nobody but a real princess could be as sensitive as that.

    So the prince took her for his wife, for now he knew that he had a real princess; and the pea was put in the museum, where it may still be seen, if no one has stolen it.








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