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    Halloween is celebrated all over the world on the 31 of October every year. The festival starts in the evening when children all dress up in spooky, scary costumes to portray ghosts, vampires, mummies, zombies and all sorts of characters from ghost stories. They then go on the streets and knock on doors and say "trick or treat" to ask for some candy. The house owners are usually friendly and would give the kids something to eat. And so the children can walk around streets all evening and enjoy their delicious candies. When it is dark, people carve pumpkins into smily but scary faces and put candles inside them to make them glow out in the dark. They then carry this "Jack-o-Lantern" around and maybe visit some neighbors or friends. They can then spend the rest of the night eating, telling ghost stories or even join a halloween party! Overall, Halloween is definately not a festival that will make you scared, but it is actually a very fun and enjoyable experience!


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    不過傳說中最早的萬聖節,可就帶點陰森森的氣氛哦!十一月一日是所謂的『萬聖節』 (All Saints Day) 。西元前五世紀愛爾蘭的凱爾特人,他們的新年是在每年夏季結束的時候,就是十月三十一日那天。凱爾特人認為在新舊年交接時刻的夜晚,也就是十月三十一日的夜晚,看不見的靈魂會在陽世中穿梭,找到替身後得以重生;因此活著的人為了躲避靈魂的搜索,就在這天晚上把家裡的爐火滅了,營造出一個寒冷陰森的環境,並且打扮成鬼怪的模樣,口中發出可怕的聲音,企圖嚇走靈魂也讓靈魂分不清誰是活人,因而不能夠找到替身;只要過了這個晚上,第二天就是萬聖節,一切也就回復平靜了。

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    Plan ahead. Don't start making your costume and makeup plans the night before Halloween. Do some advance planning and get all the materials, props, costume and makeup items you'll need ahead of time. If you wait too long, what you need or want may not be available.

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