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    The research consists of a extra-critical fluid recycling indium pre-experiment, in which simulated hydrochloric acid system etching waste liquid was used as samples. Next, etching liquid from a disply-related/semiconductor firm (located in middle Taiwan) was collected and used for related research in terms of simulation waste liquid recycling indium. The purpose of this research is utilizing extra-critical fluid technology as pre-handling technique, combined with different chelated agent to carry out quantification processes by the atomic absorption spectroscope. Furthermore, the sampling rate is/was used to determined the performance and efficiency of this recycling measurement with the goal of finding out the best-optimized operating conditions. (such as temperature,pressure, and static sampling time and so on)

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    This research first take voluntarily compounds the hydrochloric acid

    system the simulation etching waste liquid as a sample, carries on

    pioneer of the supercritical fluid recycling indium to test, continues

    takes from conducts research the correlation simulation waste liquid

    recycling indium to the middle some photoelectricity semiconductor

    factory etching fluid, the experimental goal is uses the supercritical

    fluid technology front to take processes the method, matches the

    different chelating agent, comes quota it by the atomic absorption

    spectroscope, and by the extract rate decided benefit of datum the

    recycling technology, then discovers its most suitable operating

    condition (for example temperature, pressure, static extract time and

    so on).

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