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An outstanding Dictionary

Would you guys recommend me an outstanding English-to-English Dictionary? I am now using Collins Cobuild Advanced Learners' English Dictionary, which defines words not in rigid explanation but in context and provides the examples from the Bank of English, which boasts the general daily English sentences used by CONTEMPORARY people and created not by scholars but by normal people! But it is an English dictionary and I want another American one. I've heard that Oxford, Webster, American Heritage are excellent. So, why don't you give me some advice?

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    If you are using internet a lot, I recommend several online English-English dictionaries: (By entering one search, it searches all the dictionaries out there for you. Excellent tool.) (This one also gives you English-English explanation, and is quite convenient since you can also do Chinese searches.)

    And as of which dictionary is the best, that I don't know (sorry), but should help you with deciding which hardcopy dictionary to get. HTH~

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    Oxford, from experience.

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