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    This afternoon the whole family takes a walk, walking, there is a heavy rain then, the wet answer answer of whole body that pour of, everyone uses to run of go home, also really pour the lintel. 今天下午全家去散步,走著走著,便下起大雨了,淋的全身溼答答的,大家都用跑的回家,還真倒楣.


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    = =""" 2個都...唉...

    候選編號 001 , walking, there is a heavy rain then

    = = 是while we were walking~ 日記是記過去的事~ 所有也應該用過去式

    第2個 family and me?? 嚴重mistake... 這應該是 my family and I = =

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    my family and me we are go have a walk at today afternoon when we walk as soon as have a heavy rain, my body all wet and everybody run to home that is so unlucky.

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