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什麼叫Oregon Fevers?

什麼叫Oregon Fevers?




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    美國歷史,發生於1846年,詹姆斯‧波克總統任內的事。當時他取得國會授權,退出同英國締結的俄勒岡領地條約。詳情請翻閱美國歷史。或參考以下英文連結。In 1846, under the leadership of President James K. Polk, an avowed expansionist, the United States gave notice to Great Britain that it wanted resolution of the question of national sovereignty in the Pacific Northwest. When negotiations were finished, the United States, through the Oregon Treaty of 1846, secured all of the region lying westward from the crest of the Rocky Mountains and south of the 49th Parallel of north latitude. In the stroke of a pen came closure on the operations of the Hudson's Bay Company and major changes for the region's native peoples.

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