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“Look now, I am old,” said Isaac. “ I do not know when I shall die ; it may be soon. Take your weapons, your quiver f arrows and your bow, and go out into the fields. Hunt the deer for me the savory meat such as I love. Give it to me then that I may eat; so that my soul may bless you before thy Lord before I die.”Esau left at once and went into the woods and fields to hunt for deer so that he might bring his father the tasty venison of which the old man was so fond. But Rebekah had heard Isaac speaking to Esau, and she did not want the elder son to receive the blessing that was his right. She called her favorite son, Jacob, and told him what she had overheard and how Isaac wanted to bless Esau before he died. And then she said:” Now therefore, my son, obey my voice and do as I command you. Go to the flock and get me two young goats, kid goats that are good and tender, and I will prepare them in such a way that the meat will taste like the savory venison that Esau prepares. Then you will take it to your father so that he may eat the meat he loves, for he will not know the difference, and he will bless you before he dies. He will not see that you are Jacob, for his eyes are dim.” 不要翻譯軟體翻的~!!卸卸

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    “現在看看我,我已經老了”〃Isaac說。 “我不知道什麼時候我會死; 可能就快了。 帶你的武器,你的輕微的顫動f箭和你的弓,到外面的原野去。幫我獵一隻我最愛吃的鹿。 把它的肉帶來給我吃, 以便我的靈魂能在我死之前,你的真神之前能夠祝福你。”Esau立刻離開並且去樹林和原野獵鹿, 以便能為他的父親帶來老人家最喜歡的可口的鹿肉。      但是Rebekah 已經聽到Isaaac對Esau所說的話, 而她不想要長子得到他該有的祝福。 她喚來她的最喜歡的兒子,雅各,並且告訴他她已經偷聽到Isaac將在臨死前祝福Esau。 然後她說︰“所以現在,我的兒子,廳從我的指示並且按我命令你的做。去羊群裡幫我抓兩隻小羊來, 兩隻上好柔嫩的小羊, 我將用他們做成可口的鹿肉就好像是Esau所準備的。 然後你把它帶到你的父親那裡,讓她吃到他最喜歡的鹿肉,他不會知道其中的差別,這樣在他死之前,他將祝福你。 他不看清你是雅各,因為他的眼睛是模糊的。”  

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