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幫我找O. Henry!!!~10點喔!!!

請各位大大幫我找 O. Henry 的資料和他的作品有哪些?最好是英文的~感激不盡!!!!越多越好!!謝謝!!!

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    O. Henry Museum

    Museum Hours

    12:00 noon - 5:00 p.m. Wednesday - Sunday

    Closed Monday and Tuesday

    409 East Fifth Street

    Austin, Texas 78701


    The O. Henry Museum offers a look into the life of William Sidney Porter, the man who became famous under the pen name O. Henry. Known as "the master of the short story," Porter lived in this 1886 Queen Anne-style cottage from 1893 to 1895. His home has since been restored and now contains artifacts and memorabilia from Porter's life in Austin. The O. Henry Museum is a National Register Property and a National Literary Landmark of the City of Austin.?

    During his more than thirteen years in Austin, Porter worked in a variety of occupations. Some of his experiences as a pharmacist, draftsman, bank teller, and reporter would later figure in his short stories. His first nationally known short story, "The Miracle of Lava Canyon", was published before leaving Texas in 1897. His pen name, "O. Henry," first appeared in the short story, "Whistling Dick's Christmas Stocking," published in 1899

    The O. Henry Museum offers writing programs for adults and children. During the school year, the museum offers creative writing workshops as after school programs, to Austin middle school students. This award winning program, known as the O. Henry Museum Writing Club, is a six week workshop that includes an anthology of the students work and a reception at Barnes and Noble Westlake. If your school is interested in participating in this program or would like more information contact the museum. In the fall the O. Henry Museum offers adults an opportunity to write in O. Henry home. This three week workshop is taught by author, Susie Flatau. If you are interested in signing up for this free workshop contact the museum. Space is limited.

    Calendar of upcoming events:

    Celebrate O. Henry birthday and Austin Museum Day - September 18, 12:00-5:00

    Adult Writing Workshop - October 4, 11, & 18

    Victorian Christmas Reception - December 4, 3:00-5:00

    Antique Valentine Reception - February 14, 6:00-8:00

    Annual O. Henry Pun-Off World Championships - May TBA

    O. Henry Museum Writing Club Reception - May TBA

    Tours of significant sites in the life of O. Henry

    Images Gallery:

    William Sidney Porter's family (32 kb gif)

    William Sidney Porter as a young man 22 kb gif)

    Masthead from The Rolling Stone, Porter's locally published newspaper (3 kb gif)

    O. Henry Museum (37 kb gif)

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    Contact Us: Send Email or 512-974-6700.

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    P.O. Box 1088, Austin, TX 78767 (512) 974-2000

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    Short Stories by O. Henry

    作者: O. Henry/著


    出版日期:2005 年 06 月 15 日


    定價:200 元 優惠價:9 折 180 元

    本商品單次購買 10 本 160元 (8折)




      歐.亨利(O. Henry)本名威廉.西德尼.波特(William Sydney Porter),1862年生於美國北卡羅來納州,父親是個醫生,因此他十五歲起,便在藥房裡當學徒,藥房經常聚集著各式各樣的人物,或打牌,或談論時事,也成為後來歐亨利筆下最好的題材。之後他曾在西部農場牧牛兩年,對西部生活也累積了不少經驗,在此同時,他更學習多種語言,從他作品中的用字遣詞,便可窺見其對語言的天分。



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