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What is the reason of the university?Employment?Academic?Or BE........While starting me also doing not know why to enter the university, feels apparently this is as it should be, perhaps this is everyone necessarily through of itinerary, I didn't know until I enter the university why.

In view of future employment angle, the university graduation's seeming to is an essential educational background, seeming to without this educational background be taking up employment the market to lose the other people a step, certainly this is not completely.In view of the angle of the learning, the university is the period that joins the social knowledge, before entering society, understand the trend of the society first, is also store own ability, opportunity to wait for, develop to grow just, the curriculum of the university, no longer be like the senior high school and junior high school so inflexible, can own more creativitieses, blends own interest and knowledge, and develop the oneself's a set of theories, can bloom the ray of light in future

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    What's the reason to study in university? for better career? or just for diploma? what ever, i even can't understand why i have to study in college. For what? I just can't realize it!however, this's common sense that college diploma is a basic academic background for most of career. But in my opinion, i thought that attending to college courses not only for diploma but also learning something even important! Such as social-relationship building skill, etc. Inaddition, college life is more funny and flexible than high school, and certainly, we could have a lot of special experience taken in there if we use our time well.

    Source(s): 太扯了,你一定是用中文的稿子,再用翻譯軟體翻的!對吧! 雖然我是英文系的,可是你的語法真是錯的太誇張,我只能用其他的句子去描述了!希望能幫上忙啊
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