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1.不管發生多恐怖的事,我們藥力保鎮靜.(No matter)

2.她以淚水並編織個故事來矇騙(f l)我們.

3.多可惜啊,你來不及參加我的生日宴會.(It is)



6.每當他們碰面就辯論(a e)不休.(雙重否定)



9.雨下的太大了:因此(c ly),到處都淹水.

10.科幻電影不是真實的但很吸引(f e)人,這就是為啥很多人喜歡看刺激又有趣的電影片.

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    1.不管發生多恐怖的事,我們要力保鎮靜.(No matter)

    No matter when apprehension happen, we should make our effort to be calm.

    2.她以淚水並編織個故事來矇騙(f l)我們.

    She disguised herself as a pitiful girl to tell a lie in order to fool us.

    3.多可惜啊,你來不及參加我的生日宴會.(It is)

    It's a pity you missed the opportunity to join my birthday party.


    The developed countries seem that they prepare to solve the problem of pollution.


    The government demands that the nationals should obey the law of prohibit smok in public place.

    6.每當他們碰面就辯論(a e)不休.(雙重否定)

    When ever they meet and then argue endlessly.


    Not any thing is able to be the more valuable than our friendship.


    You make more money and spend more money as well.

    9.雨下的太大了:因此(c ly),到處都淹水.

    It rained too heavy adn consequently was flooded everywhere.

    10.科幻電影不是真實的但很吸引(f e)人,這就是為啥很多人喜歡看刺激又有趣的電影片.

    The science-fiction movie is not true, and it is fascinated, so that many people like to watch the exciting and interesting movie.


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    Whenever they meet and then argue endlessly.


    Nothing is more valuable than the friendship.


    The more you earn,the more you spend.

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    9. It rained too hard and consequently it was flooded everywhere.


    The science-fiction movies are not real but they are fascinating, that's why many people like to watch the exciting and interesting movies.

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    1.In spite of the occurrence has another the terrible matter, our medicine power protects the town to calm down.(No matter)

    2.She also makes up a story with the tears to cheat(the f l) us.

    3.Have another unfortunately, you attend my birthday party too late.(It is)

    4.The developed nation seems to be all have already prepared good resolve the problem of pollution.

    5.The government request(demand) the people to want to obey not to smoke in the public place of ordinance.

    6.Whenever they meet and then argue(the an e) endlessly.(Dual negation)

    7.Didn't occupy more more valuable than comity.(Comparison)

    8.You earn of more many, flower of more many.

    9.Rain under of too heavy:therefore(the c ly), everywhere all inundation.

    10.The science fiction movie is not true but attract(the f e) the person very much, this is is what a lot of personses like to see the again interesting movie slice of the incitement.

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    1. No matter has the multi- terrors matter, we diligently guarantee

    calmly. (No matter)

    2. She and weaves a story by the tears to cheat (f l) we

    3. Is a pity, you attend my birthday banquet without enough time. (It


    4. Has developed a country has as if all prepared to solve the

    pollution problem

    5. The government requested (demand) the people must observe do not

    attract the tobacco in the public place the law

    6. Whenever they meet on the debate (a e) continuous. (double


    7. Does not have the matter to be more valuable than the

    friendship. (comparison)

    8. You gain many, colored recovering. are many

    9. The rain got down too has been big: Therefore (c ly), everywhere

    all floodeds

    10. The science fiction movie is not real but attracts (f e) very much

    the person, this is why many do very people like looking stimulates

    the interesting movie film

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