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    英文加權100% 、國文需均標



    1 The manager gave us an ______________ on the latest sales figures.


    2 It is hard to distinguish her from her ______________ sister.


    3 ____________ you can’t join us for dinner, we’ll give you a rain check.

    (A)Since(B)When(C)Because of(D)Due to

    4 Generally, IRS stands for ______________.

    (A)Internal Revenue Service(B)International Radio Signal(C)Interior Railway System(D)Indian Reservation Schools

    5 Don’t do to others what you would not have others ___________ you.

    (A)done by(B)do to(C)doing with(D)to do

    6 Familiarity breeds ______________.


    7 This is how automobiles used ________________.

    (A)to make(B)being made(C)making(D)to be made

    8 There ___________ nine ____________ in our solar system.

    (A)to be, satellites(B)are, comets(C)being, meteors(D)are, planets

    9 Computers rely on many different types of chips. Two of the most important types of chips in computers are the central ___________ unit (CPU) and __________ chips.

    (A)processing, memory(B)prime, motor(C)progressive, margin(D)processor, memorial

    10 ____________ had he left when Mary arrived.

    (A)Hard(B)Hardly(C)Scarce(D)No sooner

    11 Bill __________ works ____________.

    (A)hard, hard(B)hard, hardly(C)hardly, hard(D)hardly, hardly

    12 What will be ______________.

    (A)can be(B)will be(C)must be(D)was being

    13 The United Nations came into ___________ in 1945.

    (A)to be(B)was(C)been(D)being

    14 In the stillness of the night the sound __________ loudly.

    (A)heard(B)was hearing(C)resounde(D)soundedd

    15 Tom doesn’t study hard as he _____________.

    (A)used to do(B)used to be(C)was used to be(D)was used to do

    16 We were taught that union ___________ strength.

    (A) makes(B)made(C)has made(D)is making

    17 I am ___________ his innocence by your words.

    (A)convinced at(B)am convincing(C)convinced of(D)convincing by

    18 Nobody is used to ___________ unfairly.

    (A)treat(B)be treated(C)treating(D)being treated

    19 They ___________ to sell a lot of __________ cars.

    (A)used, used(B)used, using(C)are using, being used(D)was used, used

    20 Unfortunately it ____________ when we arrived, so we had to stay indoors.

    (A)rained(B)was raining(C)had rained(D)would rain





    1 C

    2 B

    3 A

    4 A

    5 B

    6 D

    7 D

    8 D

    9 A

    10 B

    11 C

    12 B

    13 D

    14 C

    15 A

    16 A

    17 C

    18 D

    19 A

    20 B

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