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誰能幫我創作一首元素詩 ?!急~20點!!



選一組元素作成poem or song lyrics to a familiar song...

快瘋了啦 > < 大家幫幫我吧?!




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    The Alkali’s, a family from Metal Village, has six family members

    Particular among the folks in Metal Village

    Distinguished for their distinct strengths:

    Lithium has changed the history of batteries

    Sodium is the mother of a tablespoon of salt spread on French fries

    Potassium enjoys the work with sodium to maintain the water balance in our bodies

    Rubidium has a job as a getter in a vacuum tube

    Cesium is authorized to be an ion engine for space vehicles although this might have been a job of Rubidium’s

    Francium is such a playful kid even if he has a heavy body; people don’t know what he is thinking and what his personality is. He is so erratic!

    只用短時間做出這首詩.. 所以 kind of rough.. 請見諒囉~


    hope this helps~ ^ ^

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