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AGE 15 HOMETOWN Highland Park, Ill. CLAIM TO FAME Kevin has been playing drums since age 3, which landed him the role of 10-year-old Freddy Jones in School of Rock. SURROUND SOUND The skins are Kevin's nourishment of choice, but he's tried 'em all. "Yeah, I've taken lessons for everything at least one time. I like playing guitar and sometimes bass. Any instrument, basically, you give it to me and I can try to make a good sound come out of it." BAND ON THE RUN "There's a rumor that I'm in a band Called Blind, but that's not true. My mom started that rumor. I was in a band with my friend and we called it Blind. I told my mom that, and she told everyone. But when I went to New York, my friend still wanted to play so he got a new drummer." NEXT BIG PROJECT "Right now, my only big project is getting through high school." RUBBING ELBOWS "At the School of Rock premiere, I got to meet Dave Groul, the drummer from Foo Fighters. He is one of my biggest inspirations because he switches to his guitar and sings, too." OTHER FAVE BANDS Green Day, System of a Down and Metallica. "Probably no the biggest fan base for Girls' Life." Don't be so sure, Kev. IDEAL GAL? "She'd have to be smart, down to earth and have a great smile. I like smiles. And she'd have to laugh at my jokes. Let's say I'm enjoying the single life." SIGNING OFF Kevin's a Sagittarius. Sagi's are on a constant quest for ... well, everything. The most adventurous of the signs!

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      雖然這些小演員來自美加各地的十大城市,成長背景也大不相同,其中有曾在HBO熱門影集【黑道家族】中參與演出的童星安吉洛瑪薩葛力和曾演過【心靈訪客】的艾莉莎艾倫,也有從來沒踏進片場一步的瑪莉安哈遜和勞勃蔡,但是當他們聚集在紐約曼哈頓開始拍片後,很快就打成一片,也很快就學會該怎麼一邊忙著拍戲,一邊抽空做功課和練音樂,他們到最後玩樂團都玩出心得,飾演主吉他手的小喬伊蓋多斯和飾演鼓手的凱文克拉克甚至跟他們的音樂老師一起到當地俱樂部表演。 以上那網站有關於那位小女孩(Miranda Cosgrove)的詳細資料喔!

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