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    σ 一個母體的標準差負standard deviation of a population r 相關系數correlation coefficient = 三個負離子signifies two unit charge of negative electricity (as in SO4=) e 電子; 電極electron; electronic charge

    f 函數function E(x) 隨機變數之望值expected value of the random variable x ≣ 三價標 signifies a triple bond E 電場; 能量; 彈性模數; 位能差; 照明electric field; energy; modulus of elasticity; potential difference illumination;

    f’ f 之導數derivative of f : 不分享電子; 二價標indicates an unshared pair of electrons; sometimes used to indicate a double bond F 力force

    f’’ f 之第二階導數derivative of f II 乘積product ( ) 混合物內之分組 marks groups within a compound G 重力常數; 傳導; 重量gravitational constant; conductance; weight

    f n f 之第n階導數 nth derivative of f z Z之絕對值the absolute value of z ︹ or ︺ 將原子或組合結合成環形混合物joins attached atom or groups in structural formulas for cyclic compounds h 浦朗克常數 Planck’s constant

    f x f 相對於x之偏度數the partial derivative of with respect to x i 虛數單位平方根(√)的符號the positive square root of -1 ® 轉變成 gives, leads to, or s converted to H 磁場強度; 焓magnetic field strength; enthalpy

    fxx f 相對於x之第二偏度數the second-order partial derivative of f with respect to x . 用來分隔鬆散結合之混合物類(如CuSO4·5H2O)之代號;Used to separate parts of a loosely Joined compound (as in CuSO4·5H2O); also used to denote the presence of a single unpaired electron(as e.g. H) « 共振resonance 2H also H2 氘deuterium

    fxv f 之第二偏度數(微分x後再微分y)the second-order partial derivative of f obtained by differentiating first with respect to x and then withrespect to y ! 階乘 factorial ⇄ 均衡狀態 equilibrium 3H also H3 氚tritium

    f -1 f 之反函數 the inverse of the function f n 當用於積分時是一個沒有指定的數字(用於指數) an unspecified number (as an exponent)esp. when integral ¯ 沉澱物 indicates precipitation of the substance J 角動量 angular momentum

    À o 阿列夫零Aleph-null [α ij] i 列及j 行的數值是α ij 的矩陣Matrix with element α ij in ith row And jth column ­ 物質可釋放氣體 the substance passes of as a gas L 感應; 自感inductance; self-inductance

    Î or : 如此 such that α ij 以α ij 為元素之矩陣的行列式determinant of a square matrix with elements α ij ≣ 物質之份量會與另一份量之物質產生化學反應而並無任何殘餘物質 is equivalent-used to show how much of one substance will react with a given quantity of another so as to leave no excess of either k 波茲曼常數Boltzmann contant

    "Ç 全部for every , for all兩個集合的聯合union of two sets x 向閉x之長度或單位 length or magnitude of the vector x △ 加熱heat M 質量mass

    Ç 兩個集合的相交 intersection of two sets A -1 矩陣A的逆矩陣 Inverse of the matrix A α α粒子alpha particle M 金屬metal

    Ì 為…的集子is a subset of A T 矩陣A的轉置 Transpose of the matrix A β β粒子; β射線 beta particle; beta ray n 折射率; 中子index of refraction; neutron

    É 子集contains as a subset [x] 不大於x的最大整數the greatest integer not greater than x γ 伽瑪; 表面張力; 光子gamma;surface tension; photon p 粒子之動量; 質子momentum of a particle; proton

    Î 屬於…之元素is an element of [a,b] 閉區間,包含端點a與bthe closed interval a≦x≧b Î peramittivity R 有機組合; 烷基或烴基organic group; alkyl or aryl group

    Ï 不屬於某物質is not an element of (a,b) 開區間,所有在a與b之間實數的集合該區間不包含端點a與bthe open interval a<x<b; ordered pair of coordinates η 效率,黏性efficiency; viscosity T 絕對溫度; 時段 absolute temperature; period

    L or 0or Æ or {} 空集empty set, null set ∴ 所以therefore λ 波長wavelength S 熵entropy

    L或l 長length + 加plus μ 百萬份之一; 磁偶極矩; 磁導率micro-;magnetic oment;permeability V 電位能electrical potential

    B或b 寬breadth + 正離子 signifies a unit charge of positive electricity (as in Na+) n 頻率; 微中子 frequency; neutrino W 功work

    H或h 高height - 混合物的其中一部份被移走 used to indicate the removal of a part from a compound; r 密度; 電阻density; resistivity X 放大功率; 反應物power of magnification; reactance; halogen atom

    d或δ 厚度depth - 一個負離子 signifies a unit charge of negative electricity as in I-) s 傳導率; 表面張力; 截面conductivity; surface tension; cross section Y 導納admittance

    ∵ 因為because _ 一價標 signifies a single bond, used between groups which unite to form a compound the symbols of elements F 光通量; 磁通量 luminous flux; magnetic flux Z 原子序; 阻抗atomic number; impedance

    µ2 變異數variance 1-,2-,etc. 用於命名,表示組合之份量 used initially in names, referring to the positions of substituting groups, attached to the first, etc., of the numbered atoms f the parent compound W 歐姆ohm

    χ² 卡方chi-square ' 用以分辨不同種類的附加物 (R', R", R"'表示不同的有機化學組合)distinguish between different substituents of the same kind (as in R', R", R"' to indicate different organic groups) a 加速acceleration

    Σ 連加summation = 二價標indicates a double bond B 磁感應magnetic induction

    x 一個變數x的樣本的算術平均數arithmetic mean of a sample of available = 形成gives or forms c 光速speed of light

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    運算符號,包含 +, -, X, 除,指數 , !, 根號, dot 和向量積

    分類 符號, 包含 (), [], {}, vinculum

    關係符號,包含 =, >, <


    常數符號,例如 pi, i, e, 0


    表示多變數函數的符號,例如 log, ln, gamma, 絕對值; 還有 f(x) 觀念


    三角學符號, 同時也有關雙曲線功能

    M 公尺

    CM 公分

    MM 毫米

    ML 毫公升

    L 公升

    M2 平方公尺

    CM2 平方公分


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