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什麼是 Insulinemic Index (II)??

我找了好久還是不知道Insulinemic Index 是什麼?

It's my keywords!!!Please help me >.<


我知道Glycaemic Index是昇糖指數!

但是我要知道Insulinemic Index的中文


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    Insulinemic Index和Glycaemic Index是營養學用來評估食物對血中血糖和胰島素影響的指摽。Glycaemic and insulinemic indexes can be used to semi-quantitatively classify types of food as a function of their power to raise glucose and insulin levels.下面列舉一個實驗設計,在餐後2個小時內測血中血糖和胰島素值再去跑統計。Data analysis: The incremental area under each 120-min plasma glucose and insulin response curve (AUC) was calculated using the trapezoidal rule with fasting values as the baseline. Any negative area (below the fasting baseline level) was ignored. The GI was calculated for each individual according to the equation: GI=(120-min glucose AUC value for the test food)/AUC value for the reference food Insulin index (II) values were calculated similarly using the insulin AUC. GI and II values (means ± SEM) for each food were calculated using all 10 subjects. ANOVA using general linear models with food group and presence of chocolate as fixed factors and subjects as a random factor was used to investigate the effects of chocolate on GI and II (SPSS for Windows 10.0, Chicago, IL; StatView software, version 4.02, Abacus Concepts, Berkley, CA). Interactions between the factors were investigated, but found not to be significant. With 10 subjects, the study had 80% power to detect a difference of 1.5 SD at the 0.05 level of significance. Multiple linear regression analysis was used to examine the extent to which different nutrient variables (protein, fat, sugar, fiber per test portion) accounted for the variability in GI and II values for the 12 test foods.

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