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The Last Seven Months Of Anne

The Last Seven Months Of Anne Frank  這本書在誠品書店有賣嗎??因為聽說這本書真的很動人它敘述一個16歲少女被關在一個大樓房間裡長達了2年.....所紀錄下來的日記!!!



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    The Last Seven Months Of Anne Frank by   Lindwer, Willy│讀本│0-330-39146-1│204 頁│Macmillan Publishers│2000/05│NT$360│填缺書單書籍大小 )  130*197mm平/精裝 )  平裝


     ABOUT THIS BOOK 安妮的故事一直是有關二次世界大戰紀事中最引人興趣的。全球上百萬的人閱讀過安妮的日記,對他在大戰中為躲避納粹,而居身在阿姆斯特丹辦公大樓中一個封閉的房間內長達兩年以上。但卻很少人知道在她去世前的七個月當中,她有什麼樣的想法及感受?她是如何挨過所受的煎熬及痛苦。本書是透過與六位女性的訪談來透視了解安妮所受的痛苦及所展現的勇氣,每一段的訪談都說出了一段感人的故事,讓人不禁為這位16歲就長辭人事的勇敢女孩感到敬佩與惋惜。The story of Anne Frank is one of the most famous of World War II. Millions around the globe have been moved by the extraordinary Diary of the girl who spent more than two years hiding from the Nazis in the sealed-off back rooms of an Amsterdam office building.But very little is known of the last seven months of Anne frank’s life, after her brutal capture on 4 August 1944. What did she think and feel? How did she endure the suffering of the death camps? Our only insights come from the women whose lives touched hers-at Westerbork, Auschwitz, Bergen-Belsen.Each of the six women interviewed for this book has a remarkable story to tell-a story of unimaginable horror but also of great courage. Anne Frank’s life ended shortly before her sixteenth birthday. These women were more fortunate. They lived.

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