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You know that a natural community contains a large number of niches for producers and consumers. Environ-mental changes that disturb the producer-consumer relationship often change the natural balance within a community. Sometimes this can cre-ate serious


Many settlers who came to the United States wanted to farm the land. Before they could plant crops,though,they had to cut down areas of for-est. What do you think happened to the many animals and other living things that depended on the forest for food and shelter? What would have happened if all the forests had been cut down? Do you think the settlers' fields provided a home for any living things?


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    您知道,一個天然社區, 不管是為生產者或消費者, 都必須有著極大數量的舒適之地. 環境的改變,會造成生產者及消費者兩者之間的困擾, 而此困擾這也經常使得此社區的自然平衡造成改變. 有時更將引發嚴重的問題.

    很多來到美國的移民,想要在這塊土地上耕種. 但是在他們種植農作物之前,他們必須砍伐許多地區的森林. 但你想想看, 那些靠此森林所提供之物為食物, 及賴此森林作為遮蔽之所的動物及生物, 在森林被砍伐後會發生什麼狀況? 若所有森林皆砍伐殆盡, 又會產生什麼後果呢? 你認為這些移民所種植的田地有為生物們提供了一個家嗎?

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    哇靠~翻得讚啊- -!

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    您知道, 一個自然社區包含很大數量的適當位置為生產商和消費者。經常干擾生產商消費者關係變動自然平衡在社區範圍內的環境變動。有時這可能製造嚴肅的問題。來到美國的許多移居者想種田土地。在他們能種植莊稼之前, 雖然, 他們必須裁減森林區域。您認為怎樣發生在依靠森林為食物和風雨棚的許多動物和其它生存事? 什麼會發生如果所有森林被裁減了? 您認為移居者的領域為任何生存事提供了家嗎?

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