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Qusestion of I-20

I come to L.A. recently.I ready at Language school. I want to learn at Adult school for it's free(I am poor).But, if I want to stay at America, I need I-20.Adult school don't give it's stuednt I-20.I cannot get social security number, so, I cannot do part-time job.How should I do?

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    First, I assume you used Tourist visa to enter US since you DO NOT have an I-20. Second, what is your question here? Are you asking about getting an I-20 or social security number??Well, to answer you...1) You can try to get into local community college(社區大學). However, school year has started already for this fall. You may need to apply for the next available terms. If you used a toursit visa to enter US, you CAN'T stay that long...2) You CANNOT get a social security number with a toursit visa.3) Even if you can get an I-20, you are very limited on the kind of job you can work. There is a limit of hours work and type of work allowed. (I believe you are limited to work in the school only such as wokring as a TA or school kitchen.)Legally, there is not much you can do expect go back to your point of origin (Taiwan, China, HK, or Macru) and re-apply for the student visa (I-20). Unless you want to stay as an illegal....

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    我有個朋友是找到一家公司請她,讓她可以從I-20 變成工作簽証,然後晚上去ADULT SCHOOL上英文課,用自已微薄的薪水,供自已唸碩士,因為有工作簽証的話,學費和美國人一樣,會很便宜的! 而且也不用像I-20 有固定一學期要拿多少學分。 而且LA還是有很多地方工作是不需要SSN的,妳可以找找看華人區,應該滿容易的! 。我覺得妳可以先去華人區找找看工作,因為我朋友也是從這樣開始的,她工作一段時間之後,她老闆就願意幫她辦了! 。還有聽我朋友說,申請工作簽証的條件要是大學畢業的哦!

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    1. As I know, Adult schools dont issue I-20

    2. Language schools may issue I-20, depending on ur hrs at school

    3. SSN doesnt mean u r allowed to work

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    從你的第二句,我想你應該就是使用學生簽證進入美國..至於你不想再花錢就讀Language School想要就讀Adult School是不可能的..我想你自己都已經知道了...所以才來問怎麽辦...沒怎麽辦..除了違法以外,就沒有其他選擇了..另外,你就算拿到SSN,你也不能找part time job..因爲你的SSN不是讓你去找工作的,所以拿到也沒用啦.最多只是在學校打工..但是我想language school應該沒有工作可以讓你找吧..唯一的對策就是"跳飛機"..不是從飛機跳下來,而是非法居留在美國而已,不被抓到就沒問題了..打工也是打黑工...

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