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    1.Often use the massage law , shower law , smoke and steam the law , take a sniff at the law of sucking in fragrant treatment , according to applying the law and wiping and wiping France etc., make precise oil make the human body absorb through skin and way smelt to take a sniff at. 2. Precise oil food therapy 3. The purity of the precise oil is quite high, except that a few precise oil, such as smoking the clothing grass, tea tree, not daubed it on the skin directly without diluting. In addition should avoid keeping in touch with eyes , don't be facing toward the bottleneck to smell directly either , use the test paper to dip in smelling so as not to injure the nose membrane. 4. In case when the precise oil enters eyes carelessly , please wash and send and cure treating with a large amount of branch water. While obeying a large amount of precise oil by mistake, please drink ox's milk after absorbing and slowing down the precise oil first , and then send and cure treating . 5. It is the oral essence to comply with a doctor and advice and relevant medical treatment is constructed and proposed using

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