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My name is XXX. I'm 23 years old. I was born and raised up in XX. There are 4 people in my family; they are my parents and brother. My family is very happy.

I studied Nutrition in college, and I graduated from XXXX.((後面的我不會翻譯囉))我的個性屬於外向隨和,喜歡與人交際.對工作態度積極負責,喜歡學習各種新的事物。我的興趣是閱讀散文類的書籍,因為從中可以學習到對不同人生的看法。我想應徵這份職務是因為,希望可以從中學習到商業技巧與人際的應對。雖然我不是科班出生,但是進入公司後我會更努力虛心的學習,希望你能給我這個機會跟著公司一起學習成長


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    I'm an outgoing person, and I like to get along with others. My working attitude is very positive and active, and I like to learn new things to broaden my horizon.One of my habits is to read essays or some other articles because I could know more different thoughts toward life. The reason why I want to apply this job is because I hope that could learn more about business and social functions. Although I didn't major in commercial science, I would work harder and try to learn something from my coworkers. I hope that you can give me an opportunity to improve myself with your company.

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    My individuality belongs to the extroversion to be amiable, likes with the person human relations. positively being responsible to the work manner, to like studying each kind of new thing. My interest reads the prose class books, because may study to the different life view. I want to be subject to duty this duty am because, hoped may study the trade skillful and is interpersonal should be right. Although I am not the regular professional training birth, after but enters the company I to be able diligently the modest study, hoped you can give me this opportunity to study the growth together with the company這是翻譯(我的個性屬於外向隨和,喜歡與人交際.對工作態度積極負責,喜歡學習各種新的事物。我的興趣是閱讀散文類的書籍,因為從中可以學習到對不同人生的看法。我想應徵這份職務是因為,希望可以從中學習到商業技巧與人際的應對。雖然我不是科班出生,但是進入公司後我會更努力虛心的學習,希望你能給我這個機會跟著公司一起學習成長 )的部分

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