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我的speaking test...幫幫我介紹一下南台灣ㄅ


1. where is a good restaurant Kaohsiung?

2. where's the best place to go in south Taiwan?

3. what kind of food can I get?

4. what souvenirs can I buy for my friends?

(what do you recommend I buy for my friend?)

5. what is special about the culture?


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    The best way to experience the Taiwanese culture is trying the vendor food. In Kaohsiung, there are six night markets where the vendors gather at night and make a living. In fact, you can pretty much find something to eat anywhere, anytime in Taiwan! Including Kaohsiung, many places are open 24 hours. However, most of the restaurants or eateries are open only for meal periods if you wish to dine at some fancy places, please pay attention to their business hours.

    Mei-er-mei Breakfast

    Taiwanese people like to eat sandwiches and Taiwanese hamburgers for breakfast, and this store can be found almost every city in Taiwan. The theme color is orange so wherever you are, look for the orange shops that sell food. Most times, they are hiding at the corners of the buildings. The price is between NT$15 and NT$50 per item.

    Kuojia Ruotsaofan

    Tel: (07) 277-4737

    Add: Kaohsiung City, Jingtien Road, #39

    Kuojia opens from 4 a.m. till 2 p.m. From Lunar New Year's Eve until the Fourth of the Lunar New Year, the shop is closed for family gathering. The eating style at the Kuojia is stew over rice. Stew pork, chicken and fish over rice will satisfy your stomach at low cost! Each bowl is only NT$20.

    Taishanyeh Thai Food Restaurant

    Tel: (07) 559-0998

    Add: Kaohsiung, Tsuying District, Yucheng Road, #348

    Taishanyeh is a chain restaurant. They have several other places in town. They specialize in southern Asian food such as Indonesian, Thai, Malay, Burmese and Vietnamese. Because of the geographical location of Taiwan, there are many authentic foreign foods. Many courses are seafood based in Taishanyeh, but sometimes, you will find surprising ingredients like frogs or raw shrimps. The price is about NT$200 to NT$500 per person. The good news is, they will offer the food in buffet style if you request.

    Chinghancheng Korean Restaurant

    Tel: (07) 201-0016

    Add: Kaohsiung, Chengjing District, Chunghuasi Road, #314

    The owner is from Korea so he insists on bringing the true Korean taste to southern Taiwan. The most popular dishes are marinated barbeque pork or beef. The dishes are strictly made using the traditional Korean cooking styles, and the decoration of the restaurant also uses a simple classical Korean design.

    Seafood plays a significant role in Taiwanese culinary arts. Almost everywhere you go in Taiwan, you can taste fresh seafood. As to Kaohsiung, one of the most important harbors in Taiwan, the theme for night markets is definitely going to be seafood. Among all the six night markets, here I am going to tell you two of my favorites.

    Liuho Night Market

    It is the most famous night markets in Kaohsiung. The popular food includes Dandan noodles, Chieha noodles, seafood noodles and low-price steak. The low price and yummy food attract numerous local students and tourists.

    Chunghsiao Night Market

    Chunghsiao Night Market also carries diverse merchandises other than food. This is the part I like about Chunghsiao Night Market because it is not merely a fulfillment of the hungry. It feeds my shopping desire too. When it comes to food, the special Hakka dishes fulfill the visitors' empty stomachs. Compared with traditional Taiwanese food, Hakka dishes use more spices and ginger. Hakka people also use many animals internal organs in their food so if it is not something you want to try, please ask before you order.

    Go Veggie

    The food is cook to order in Taiwan, so if you are a vegetarian, please ask the chef to customize your dishes. There are different kinds of vegetarians in Taiwan so it is easy to find vegetarian food.

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