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請問哪找得到 Sukiyaki (壽喜燒) 這首歌的音譜

請問哪找得到 Sukiyaki (壽喜燒) 這首歌的音譜想編輯手機鈴聲用 ^^~-----------Sukiyaki      A Taste of HoneyIt's all because of youI'm feeling sad and blueYou went awayNow my life is just a rainy dayAnd I love you soHow much you'll never knowYou've gone away and left me lonelyUntouchable memoriesSeem to keep haunting meAnother love so trueThat once turned all my gray skies blueBut you disappearedNow my eyes are filled with tearsAnd I'm wishing you were here with meSoft with love are my thoughts of youNow that you're goneI just don't know what to do*If only you were hereYou'd wash away my tearsThe sun would shine once againYou'd be mine all mineBut in reality, you and I will never be'Cause you took your love away from meGirl, I don't know what I did to make you leave meBut what I do knowIs that since you've been goneThere's such an emptiness insideI'm wishing you'd come back to me (*)Oh, baby, you took your love away from me

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    不過好像不太完整 XD

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