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 除了著名的運河區外,巴拿馬也以一千英里的加勒比海和太平洋海岸線,以及數以百計的島嶼,成為海釣的天堂以及著名的避暑勝地。 巴拿馬是連接北美與南美兩大陸塊的天然地橋,因擁有北美、中美及南北的各種野生動植物,是觀賞美洲生態觀光最理想的據點。


尼加拉瓜是中美地峽中面積最大的國家,首都馬拿瓜與全國大多數的人口都集中在太平洋沿岸的狹長平原、馬拿瓜湖(Lake Managua)與尼加拉瓜湖(Lake Nicaragua)湖區內。

 東部加勒比海沿岸的「蚊子海岸」(Mosquito Coast),得名自生活在此地的蚊族印地安人,此地大多為茂密的熱帶雨林,但土壤相當肥沃,適合農耕。


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    1.<Panama> lie in Panama of the narrowest area between the Atlantic Ocean , the Pacific Ocean, it is ' the places of a lot of fish ' in the meaning of Spanish, after the Panama Canal was built in 1914, become and get in touch with the most important transportation centre of two oceans , the tourist is in an endless stream perennially even more. Except Canal Zone of the name, Panama is with Caribbean of 1,000 miles and coastline of Pacific Ocean too, and island hundreds of,become paradise it angle sea and summer resort of name. Panama joins North America and bridge naturally of one of two continents of South America, because there are various kinds of wild animals and plants in North America , China and the United States and north and south , view and admire the American ecology and visit the most ideal stronghold . 2. <Nicaragua> Nicaragua is the largest country in Sino-America isthmuses, capital Managua and most population of the whole country centre in narrow and long plain , Lake Managua and Lake Nicaragua lake region along the Pacific Ocean. Mosquito Coast along the east Caribbean , gains the name and fits people live printing in the mosquito clan of this place , this place is mostly dense tropical rain forest, but the soil is quite fertile, suitable for agro-farming. Because U.S.A. intends to build article 2 and run through the Pacific Ocean , canal of the Atlantic Ocean , foreign force and get involved in the government troops and resist the fight among the army on the Nicaraguan lake, make this country's political economy situation more unstable.

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