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    Visa Wait Times



    Typical Wait Time (Calendar Days*) for a Nonimmigrant Visa Interview Appointment

    Visitors Visas: 9 Days

    Student/Exchange Visitors Visas: 7 Days

    All Other Nonimmigrant Visas: 9 Days

    Typical Wait Time (Workdays**) for a Nonimmigrant Visa To Be Processed***: 2 Days

    *Calendar days refer to every day of the week, including days when embassies are closed (such as weekends and holidays).

    **Work days refer only to days when the embassy is open and does not include weekends and holidays.

    ***IMPORTANT NOTE: Processing wait time DOES NOT include the time required for additional special clearance or administrative processing. These procedures require additional time. Most special clearances are resolved within 30 days of application. When additional administrative processing is required, the timing will vary based on individual circumstances of each case.

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